I am in awe of your talent - these photos are STUNNING. You managed to capture our wedding so perfectly and helped us create memories that we will cherish forever. Mark and I are so thrilled with how they turned out and love every single shot. I can’t stop smiling!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
— Lesley Perez

Wow. Wow. Wow wow WOW!!!! The pictures are mesmerizing. You are a true talent. We had such a blast working with you and our guests did as well. We can’t thank you enough for being a part of our special day.
— Chad + Amber Thomas

Claire these are PHENOMENAL!!!! I had butterflies looking at them. I can’t thank you enough!! Love, love, love them. You are so talented!
— Amy Hunter

Adam and I are floored by your photos! They are utterly amazing. We knew they would be beautiful because I knew you are awesome but seriously lady I have no words to thank you enough for what an amazing job you did and this is just after seeing the ones posted on your blog. We are so looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos because these are more amazing than we could have possibly dreamed.
— Hannah Hutchison

Claire, thank you for being so awesome at our wedding this weekend. Our guests were saying “the photographer was so cool with everyone! She was so not like other photographers...” Look forward to the pics, and truly from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for capturing a day we will never forget... Love!
— Lynne Couves

Oh my goodness Claire! They’re amazing honestly it’s like looking through a story book! Thanks so much we love them! I can’t wait to show my family when we get home. You did an amazing job thank you so much, words can not explain how much I adore the photos, you truly did capture an adventure frame by frame!
— Cam + Laura Balloch

I despise ‘Family Pictures’. The thought of putting on matching clothes, smiling great huge fake smiles and dressing up fills my heart with dread. Claire Dibble is the best photographer I know. It begins when you ask the dreaded question ‘what should we wear’. I love that Claire says to wear what you feel good in. (When you’re a new mom this takes a lot of pressure off!) Amazingly, I would describe the actual taking of the pictures as the most fun. No more backdrops or props, Claire goes with you to the environment where you’re most comfortable. Her engaging manner is so patient it’s probably her secret success to taking great pictures. I love outdoor photos the most and Claire has been game to play in the snow, walk by the river and even drive to the lake. It’s easy to smile when you’re in a beautiful place with the people you love. Finally, the actual photos are stunning. Claire reminds me why print pictures are important. The best gift I received under my tree last year was her coffee table book of ‘Family Pictures’.
— Anne Hooper-Johnston

The photos are so wonderful that I can scarcely find the words to thank you.
— Leslie Chisholm

Oh Claire, the pictures are fabulous!! We were looking through them last night and kept saying “oh, that’s my favorite” at every picture!
— Josée Beaudry

I haven’t taken time to thank you for the amazing job you did of capturing our day. So, thank you!!! I felt so comfortable with you the entire day, and that was something I always assumed I would have trouble with. I’m not comfortable with the lens…ya dig? But you made it easy and fun and, of course, I love the photos. Maybe too much… having a tough time deciding for the album!
— Greg Anderson

Merci bien; these are some very fine images you have produced for us.
— Barbara Ulrich
Wow .... Claire ....you are amazing! I just spent the last 45 minutes looking through smiling, laughing and crying. There are SO many good ones! You did an amazing job of capturing the day :)
— Mya Jenkins


Are you kidding me Claire?!?! These are so far beyond amazing!!! I’m lost for words. Or there are too many words going through my head to use! I can’t wait to show everyone!! I’m so excited for the album layout!! So many exclamation marks in this message!!

Thank you thank you thank you!
— Lisa Reynolds

Claire ... I have tears in my eyes right now!!! These are beautiful! You captured every moment - it felt like I was getting married again just looking at all the pictures! Such a wonderful day :)

I see why you are a photographer ... you are so talented capturing us and the moments around us (all those little things)! Absolutely stunning!
— Diana

It was fate! A few weeks before we were due to elope I came across Claire’s website. One email later and the stars were aligned. From the moment we met (on our wedding day!) I knew that our memories would be preserved forever just perfectly. Her iconic image of just the two of us on a snowy, mystical Emerald Lake captured the true essence of our love story.
— Gwyn + Catherine Bebb

AHHHHHHHHHH!! These are AWESOME!!!! I LOVE every single one of them!!!
— Elysa Hanna

We are so happy with the unique and imaginative style she used to record our wedding day and for the incredible amount of images we have to share with friends and family for years to come. One of my favourite moments was seeing Claire still snapping pictures from the hip on the dance floor late into the night. She went above and beyond and I couldn’t recommend her enough to anybody looking to capture life’s moments!
— Adriann Legate

We were so excited that Claire was available to shoot our engagement and wedding photos. During the engagement photos she helped us to become more comfortable in front of the camera (I generally prefer to be behind it!) and we could establish what type of angles and shots we would like on the big day. On our wedding day she was so professional but also so easy to be with and friendly, not at all intrusive with her photo taking. We could not be happier with the photos we received, they capture the day perfectly and I am thrilled about the investment every time I walk by the ones we have up in our house.
— Laura + Andy Stiell

We enjoyed working with Claire. Claire’s easygoing manner allowed her to capture genuine images of our family. She provided creative ideas for the photo settings that were meaningful to us and created lasting images that we will display for years.
— Scott + Jennifer Munn

Thanks so much for everything. You were so very very awesome on our wedding day and are truly very talented. The pictures have let us relive our day over and over again. Everyone we show them to is blown away. It was a great pleasure to work with you and I wish you the very best! See you around town!
— Brandy Beliveau

Who’s got the awesomesauce?? You do! I don’t know how you do it but... you’ve worked your magic yet again. Thank you so much... there’s some real treasure in there!
— Larry Sparks

Claire photographed the wedding for my son and DIL, Ryan and Liz. She took beautiful and artistic pictures and she did it with us hardly noticing she was there. At one point, I saw her on the dance floor, dancing amid all the other dancers, camera in hand, catching all these great impromptu shots.

I got all the jpegs of the event and, like many people I suppose, I thought someday I’ll get these into a meaningful album. Then I remembered my own wedding photos — from over 30 years ago — are still in a box.

So I decided to enlist Claire’s help in creating a wedding album. What an excellent decision that was. Claire was wonderful to work with. She came up with an initial set of layouts. Liz (the bride) and her mom and I discussed each layout, combined some, asked for others, shuffled, and so on. And each time, Claire posted the results on a special webpage until finally we were all in agreement.

The finished product is beautiful: the paper, the cover, and especially the contents. What a keepsake!
— Suzanne Stengl