When is the best time/season to do a portrait session?

If you have the freedom of schedule to choose any season to do photos, I'm a fan of the winter white sessions, early summer (pre-bug season), and in the autumn. But there is beauty in the outdoors at any time of year, so don't feel constrained to a certain season. 

As for time of day, I'm a sucker for the soft light before dusk and just after dawn. The thing is, that's not super convenient for families with young kids. So I generally suggest you choose a time of day when your crew is likely to be in high spirits, and we work around that.

How long are portrait sessions?

We can get some great shots in under an hour, but I make it a habit not to look at my watch during a session. I'm more interested in being present with you.  

Where do the sessions happen?

I shoot on-location exclusively. If you have locations you want to hit up, favorite hide-outs and haunts, I'm game. If the idea of selecting a location stresses you out, worry not, I have a long list of good ones. For newborn sessions, I normally suggest we start (and perhaps stay) in your home. No need to Martha Stewart the place, I can work with whatever you've got going. 

What if there's poor weather?

Sometimes the best photos are taken on weather days. Barring full-on downpours, I generally suggest we proceed. I'm also always happy to reschedule if Mother Nature is being fickle. 

What should we do to prepare?

Consider why you're getting these photos. Are you planning on hanging them on empty walls? Sending them to grandparents? Making Christmas gifts? Trying to capture this fleeting time in your growing family's storyline? This may shape the types of images we focus on creating. Also, get some rest the night before. Do something fun together before the shoot. Be generous with compliments to one another. Relax.

What about clothes?

Wear them. My best advice on wardrobe is to wear something that makes you feel awesome. If it's loud and clashy, perfect . . . it's probably a great representation of the real you. If you're being photographed with other people, try to dress as if you're all headed to the same type of event. If you wear a sequin dress, get him to wear something other than his favorite board shorts. If he can't be convinced, you might just have to wear your favorite rashguard. In which case, let's meet in Hawaii for the shoot. 

How much is this going to cost me?

Portrait packages start at $450 and include a printed book and a selection of print-ready digital files. You'll have the option to add custom art pieces after the session.

Can you photoshop my friend into the photo later?

I cooould, but I won't. I like real, and that's not very real. So let's just wait until your friend is around and do the shoot then, k?

I want this! What do I do next?

Send me a message, tell me what you're looking for in your portrait session and when you're hoping to have one. I'll get back to you with my availability and full pricing info. We settle on a date, you sign a contract, send a $50 deposit, and boom! We're there. 

Merci bien; these are some very fine images you have produced for us.   Barbara Ulrich