I've been a great big fan of Adriann since we first met, back in my early days of living in Golden, BC. She is a stellar human. We've adventured together in cool places, remote canyons, white forests, capsule hotels. When she called to say she and Adam were about to get real, about to plan a wedding, it made me silly happy. Adam is a perfect compliment to Adriann's everything. They're professionals, got their heads on straight, as the saying goes. But they can play [and party] like there's nothing else worth living for. They're powerhouses on the trail and in the snow, and damn, they're fun. It was no surprise that their wedding was damn fun too. Both the ceremony and reception were at the beautifully situated Alpine Club of Canada Clubhouse in Canmore. With friends and family, style and class, and an after hours switcheroo to one-pieces and wigs. Loved every minute.

Rings and bridal party jewelry crafted by the incredibly talented Jamie Kroeger of Old Soul. Cake perfection created by the baker supreme, Billie Velisek of Crust & Crumb.