I put together a grant proposal earlier this year, hoping to get funding to document some of the regular vendors at the Golden Farmers Market, vendors like Ebe's Garden. It didn't come through. But the interest in creating these images survived the rejection. So one evening a couple weeks ago I drove down to Parson, wound my way up a cool dirt road along a creek, and arrived at Ebe and Ingrid's patch of paradise. These two put many hours in over the summer months, planting and weeding and harvesting and vending. From behind the lens it seems an idyllic lifestyle, simple and satisfying with the rewards of a community rejoicing in beautiful local food and the promise of winter escape. They shut it all down when the cold comes along, load Loki the dog into their truck camper, and head for Baja.

This is what I would call The.Good.Life. And what many people around here would call Really.Good.Food.