There's something really special about being a witness to an elopement. I end up feeling quite close to the couple as I photograph them. And sometimes it ends there, we part ways with a hug and never meet again. But sometimes I'm lucky to see their love and life in another stage down the road one day. Such was the case with Gwyn and Catherine, whose winter elopement at Emerald Lake was stunning and sweet. This time around, I had a chance to spend some time with the family in their newly completed home in a cozy, quiet little neighbourhood of Calgary near the river. Not surprisingly, these two have great taste and the home is full of natural light, fresh air, clean lines. The main impetus for the shoot was the smiling little face of Elinor, the newest addition to the party. She's amazing. Her adoring big brother Isaiah had broken his leg while skiing the week before, which added comedy and a few wicked wheelchair tricks to the mix. It was a delightful reason to be in Calgary on a Saturday, a pleasure.