Scott and Lynne + their little twin girls + family from all over + friends near and far + rainbows + thundering rainstorm + a gourmet meal + Broken Down Suitcase = good times. That was the equation on Saturday. Scottie might say that adding bikes and Kicking Horse made the whole thing exponentially better. And he'd be right. It was a casual affair because, as Lynne put it, now that there are darling grandchildren (Aubrey! Rhea!) nobody cares too much about a wedding. Nonetheless, there was a lot of love and care put into this wedding, and it showed.

This view of the Dogtooth Range never gets old for me. Love seeing it in all different weather, winter and summer.

Flowers by Flowers from Home. (250) 344-5855

A little pre-ceremony rainbow.

Saw an article this week about Jeffrey Lewis Bennett, an award winning wedding photographer in Michigan. He's keeping things fresh and fun with animated clips like the one above. I had a bit of experience with these from back in my days of helping to market Snowpulse, but it never occurred to me to apply the concept to weddings. Thank you JLB for the inspiration.

Broken Down Suitcase is fundraising for their next European tour at the moment. You can check out the campaign here.

Rather than a wedding cake, Lynne enlisted Pretty Flour to make a tower of white chocolate hazelnut truffles. Yes.

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