We were prairie-bound last week. Made the trek east to Manitoba for a family reunion in the little town where Mike grew up. I'd never seen the prairies of Canada before, never driven east of Calgary city limits, so it was all new territory for me. Anyone who knows me knows I love new land. Love it. And thusly, I loved Manitoba. Loved watching the weather roll in, the big big skies, the vastness of it all. The reunion was out on an acreage where Mike's cousin hosted a backyard rodeo for the event. We camped in the yard, gathered with charming aunties, wandered amidst the elms, the canola, the sloughs.

The road trip was good, but the time on the road was, well, as exciting as expected.

The horse barn was built out of repurposed utility poles.

I was over the moon to find a Lada Niva parked behind the shed. I first fell in love with this vehicle during a semester of college in Cuba. I'd never seen one in North America, until this lovely little green gem. I think of this as something akin to a VW Golf on steroids and with 4WD. What could be better?

If you've stumbled upon this post precisely because you were at the reunion, and were hoping to see more people in the photos, send me an email and I'll help you find the gallery with the portraits. claire@dibblephotography.com.

After the weekend at the farm, we spent a bit of time in town checking out the old sites. The beach, the schoolyard, the Dairy Isle.

Four square. As it turns out, both Mike and I can't recall anything more exciting and important during recess than four square.


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