The underlying story of Allen and Janelle's wedding day is one of epic weather. Howling winds, thunder and lightening, and brilliant sunshine all came along as guests for their celebration. The Eco Ranch served as the perfect backdrop to watch the vows, the party, and the weather in between. Allen had proposed to Janelle atop Mount 7, so it was appropriate to have it towering over us for the day, proud and tall. A few highlights: McGrath the dog as an essential member of the bridal party; Allen's two-wheeled-mountain-conquering-super-awesome wedding gift for Janelle (they're putting it through the paces right now, mountain biking in Nelson for the honeymoon); an absolute downpour timed perfectly with everyone being seated indoors for dinner; beloved friends from way way back; wedding bands + finger prints = coolness. Yeah guys!

The first few frames from the day were of these guys, hanging around just outside from where all the prep was going on. Big horn sheep are meant to be a symbol of new endeavours, of taking a leap of faith, of climbing to new heights with sure feet. Climb on Allen and Janelle.

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