I'm a four seasons kind of girl. I love them all. And I love seeing them transition from one into the next. The anticipation, the familiarity of their unique traits, the newness. Right now I'm wrapped up in the beauty of spring and the coming of summer. Loving the rain storms followed by long sunny evenings; carefully placed seeds in soil; the rivers swollen and alive; the busy chatter of birds and the hum of the hummingbirds in our cherry tree.

There are a few things that I'm especially excited for as summer rounds the bend. They are, in no particular order:

• riding my townie all over town.

• eating fresh food from our garden.

• being a witness to so much love (in the form of weddings that you too can witness if you check back on the blog this summer).

• driving, sleeping, living, being in CamperVan Morrison.

• reading in the hammock. which often leads to sleeping in the hammock.

• hiking and biking (and sometimes hike-a-biking) alpine trails.

• backyard fireside foot-stomping sing-alongs. I used to be a Girl Scout.

• falling asleep wrapped in the smell of sheets dried on the line, the smell of sunshine.


I'm in no rush, because me and spring, we're tight too. But I'm looking forward to summer.