I’ve been accepted into The Arctic Circle Residency, a three week program on a boat sailing around Svalbard, Norway in October. It’s an exciting opportunity for me, a chance to make art at sea, to be in a very special and rapidly changing part of the world, and to connect with a new network of international artists.

I’ll be working on a multimedia project (combining photographs and audio recordings) while in Norway, and shooting lots of still images to incorporate into that work. Some of these images will also become prints and/or be integrated into mixed media work with encaustic wax, photo transfers, and paint. I can’t know exactly what the imagery will be like, but I’m anticipating subject matter that would include ice and icebergs, ocean, fjords, and perhaps even a polar bear or two. 

In order to help fund the residency, I’m offering pre-sales of original art work that will arise from this adventure. If Arctic-inspired items for your wall sounds appealing (along with a chance to be a patron of the arts), pop on over to my [other] website (clairedibble.com) to weigh the options.

* this photo is from the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina, shot on a solo adventure in 2005.