dibble photography is largely comprised of one Dibble. Claire Dibble, to be specific. That's me. 

About Me

I love that my first name, by chance, means clear and bright. I like clear, simple compositions. I like clear, simple communications. The name suits me just fine. We won't go into the semantic origin of Dibble.  

My strengths as a wedding and portrait photographer lie in my laid-back professionalism, the creative ways I see the world, and in my ability to put people at ease. This translates to authentic images, captured without a lot of fuss. 

I carry a mix of self-taught and classroom-based photo skills (from Hampshire College, The Banff Centre, and the Rocky Mountain School of Photography). I grew up in Maine, moved west for the snowy mountains, jumped across the border for a really nice Manitoba boy I met in Chile, and then became a Canadian citizen in 2014 with much excitement and fanfare. 

I've spent more nights than I can count sleeping under the stars. I value travel and adventure over stuff. I once told an interviewer that being in front of a computer all day was like having my soul sucked out of me. I didn't get that job, and the irony of the statement is not lost, considering how much time I now spend at my desk, and how much soul I have left. Being in nature makes me happy, whether on skis, a bike, in a boat, or growing tasty food in the garden. I'm stoked on the freedom and creative possibility that I've encountered in entrepreneurship. And it likely comes as no surprise that I absolutely love making and looking at photographs. Photography makes me pay closer attention to the world around me, whether or not I have a camera in hand.

In addition to wedding photography and family portraits, I'm an artist. I make mixed media artwork combining wood, wax, and photo transfers. You can check some of this work out on Etsy (www.dibbledop.etsy.com). I also do multimedia documentary work, combining still photographs with audio clips and video, which you can see along with some of my editorial and commercial work at www.clairedibble.com.


About You

You like photos too, and you have a discerning eye. But you're maybe not too crazy about being in photographs. This is not a reflection of how much you value yourself, your life, your loved ones. It's likely more a reflection of the way professional photography has been presented to you in the past. If you think of stiff poses, too many bright lights, and 24 wallet sized prints when you think of 'photo session', you're going to be pleasantly surprised by what you find here. 

You can put aside your fears of being made to smile and pose in awkward ways, fears of looking waaay different from how you look in the mirror, fears of not being pretty enough, young enough, whatever enough. You can embrace who you are, right here and right now, and love what is. 


About Us

When you bring the real you, and I bring my camera, magic happens. Time flies by, we stand in the moment, and connections are made. And those connections carry forward, to all the folks that see your photos a week or a year later. They see you, the real you, and feel connected to you. This is what's possible when we collaborate. 

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Let's make something great together. Contact me here to get started. 

These [photos] are more amazing than we could have possibly dreamed.   Hannah and Adam Hutchison